Spring Sports Celebrations

Spring is here! And the spring sports season is well underway. At Roller Kingdom, we have been enjoying keeping up with the local scores and stats related to the various spring sports. Have you considered where to host your end of season banquet or celebration? We suggest Roller Kingdom!soccer season

Our skating rinks in Tyngsboro and Hudson provide plenty of space for your team to celebrate the season. The entire track and field team along with all friends and family members can easily fit into our facility. This is also true for the lacrosse, golf, soccer, baseball and softball teams. We know you’ll need lots of space to celebrate and space is something we can definitely offer.

Why is Roller Kingdom great for private parties?

In addition to space, Roller Kingdom has plenty for your sports team, family reunion, or corporate team to do in order to celebrate. You can lace up your skates and get in on the competition with some of our skating games. Or, you can try your luck against one another with a game of laser tag! Of course, our arcade is always a fun place to compete with yourself or with others as well.

Meet and Greet

While we’re happy to celebrate end of season parties, family reunions, and corporate events, we offer an additional service. We know that may parents, coaches, and students are looking forward to the next season when it comes to sports. For that reason we love to offer our rink as a sign up location! You’ll have a place to mingle with participants, parents can get to know each other, and everyone can get on out there and roller skate!

These are just a few ideas for private events that work at our rink. Roller Kingdom is happy to accommodate a large or small group for your next private event. Visit our Private Parties page to find out more and give us a call or contact us today!


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