You’re Not Too Old for Laser Tag!

As a kid you could play tag or hide n’ seek for hours on end. Laser tag at Roller Kingdom allows you to relive your childhood again with all of the elements of tag and hide n’ seek plus more! In our laser tag arena, you’ll have the chance to hide from teammates or opponents behind a variety of blocks and barriers. You can try your luck at your laser tag shooting skills and try to tag them, or duck, dodge, and dive out of the aim of your enemy in our labyrinth of twists and turns.

When the 10 minute game is over, your heart will be racing from the boost of adrenaline. You’ll have the opportunity to claim victory with a print off of your score and prize tickets to redeem in our prize shop, or find satisfaction in setting up a rematch to take on your opponents once again!

If you need a break from laser tag, put on a pair of quads or roller blades and hit the roller rink to show off your moves. Our DJs are always taking requests and you’re sure to have a good time skating while the big screen in playing the top music videos.

No matter what age you are, an outing to Roller Kingdom is perfect for birthday parties, team sports parties, youth group outings, corporate events, and more! Contact us today for details regarding our laser tag and roller skating private rink rental! Don’t forget to join in on the fun online with InstagramFacebook and Twitter! Tag your pics #comerollwithus or #rollerkingdom

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