Skating, Snacking, and Sneaking to Raise Funds!

School will be back in session before we know it! The start of the school year often brings the realization that clubs, groups, and organizations need a little more funding in order to meet their goals. Now is the time to get ahead of schedule and plan a fundraiser for your group at Roller Kingdom in Tyngsboro or Roller Kingdom in Hudson.

In the past we shared how important it is to plan ahead for fundraising.  This is still true, and we want to encourage you to plan in advance as much as possible with Roller Kingdom. This will allow you to insure that your group is on the calendar and booked for your fundraiser.Fundraising fun at Roller Kingdom!

As you consider the logistics of your fundraiser, think about what your participatns will do as they join you with a common goal. Will they skate? Will they eat? Will they play laser tag? If the answer is yes to any of these ponderings, then getting a date on the calendar sooner than later will be extremely helpful.


Roller Kingdom is known first and foremost for roller skating, after all, we are a skating rink! Roller skating is a fun and healthy way for your group to raise funds. We offer 10% of gross receipts back to your school or organization with a minimum of 60 skaters. Contact us for additional details.


Our snack bars offer fun food that is delicious and perfect for a treat when taking a skating break. From fried dough to pizza, nachos to popcorn, and slushies to soda, we’ve got you covered! Contact us for more details about snack bar options during your fundraising event.


Yeah, that’s right! If your group opts to include laser tag inside your fundraising activities, there is sure to be some sneaking. This sneaking will take place as participants hide behind obstacles in an effor to avoid the laser beams fro their opponents. You can choose a 3D laser tag game at our Tyngsboro rink or a regular game at our Hudson rink. Whatever you choose, laser tag is fun for all!

Contact Roller Kingdom today to plan ahead for your group’s fundraising needs. We will gladly discuss the details with you to help make sure that you event is as successful as possible.

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