Tips for Successful Fundraising

Fundraising is something that nearly every organization needs to partake of in order to meet some sort of financial goal. It has been said that in fundraising, you have to have a plan and a place to land! We have a few tips that we would love to share with you, inspired by Constant Contact, for helping plan a successful fundraiser. We would also love to help make your event a success by offering up our Tyngsboro or Hudson rinks as a great place to land for your event!

Successful Fundraising1. Plan in advance

It is recommended that you plan your fundraising event at least six months in advance. This will allow for plenty of time to get the word out for your event, book your event venue at Roller Kingdom, gather prizes and supplies, and plan all of the other details.

2. Decide what type of event

It is important that in your planning, you carefully consider what type of event you would like to hold. We have seen many successful events in our roller skating rink that include lots of fun! Fun is the theme as all participants get involved. After all, once participants arrive at Roller Kingdom, who can resist lacing up a pair of skates and taking a few laps around the rink? Are you looking for additional sources of income during your event? Consider a 50/50 drawing while at our rink or a silent auction. These options will help raise additional funds and allow your guests to get more involved!

3. Location is key

All realtors know their number one selling point is location, location, location! This is also true of fundraisers! At Roller Kingdom, we are proud to say that we offer a top notch fundraising location that will insure a successful fundraiser, rain or shine! There is no worry about a cloudy or rainy day raining on your parade (or fundraising goals) here!

Contact us to book your next fundraising event for your school, church, or organization, in Tyngsboro or Hudson today! We’d love to help make your event a success and see your participants smiling!


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