Learn Something New

In case you didn’t already know, October is National Roller Skating Month! This makes us really excited about skating (as if we weren’t already!), and we wanted to challenge you to learn something new!roler skate

At Roller Kingdom, we believe that there is always something to learn. Perhaps one of our favorite moments in proving this was when the New Hampshire Chronicle came out to check out what we’ve been up to!

We’ve got plenty of lesson opportunities for learners and skaters of all ages. Check out the great opportunities at both the Hudson Roller Kingdom and at the Tyngsboro Roller Kingdom. Don’t forget that skating is no longer just skating! Part of the challenge may involve a different skating style!

Artistic Skating

If you’ve ever enjoyed watching Olympic Figure Skating, then consider trying your hand (or your feet) at artistic skating! Both of our rinks have an involvement in artistic skate, and our clubs have even made it to the nationals!

Jam Skating

If you love to get your jam on with music, then try getting your jam on with skates. Some compare this to breakdancing on skates. Whatever you see it as, it is definitely a unique combination of breakdancing, hip hop, skating, and dancing. Check out the moves of our local jam skaters here:

We hope you have a great National Roller Skating Month! We know we will! Keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with any other news and information from Roller Kingdom!


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