Artistic Skate

Lincoln, Nebraska may seem a world away from Hudson, Massachusetts, but right now there is a commonality between the two cities. Lincoln, is currently hosting the 2014 Roller Figure Skating National Championships. This national artistic skating competition was highly anticipated as artistic skaters from Roller Kingdom hosted the Memorial Day Invitational for the Northeast Region of USA Roller Sports. The commonality is not only in the fact that Hudson Roller Kingdom and Lincoln have played roles as host of these events, but in the fact that some of our very own Roller Kingdom skaters have skated in both artistic skating events. In fact, part of our team is at nationals right now as the event is scheduled from July 20-August 2.Artistic Skating

What is Artistic Skate?

Take a look at the Roller Kingdom Hudson Skating Club site and you’ll find that artistic skating is full of, “The elegance of a dancer, the control of a gymnast, the charisma of an actor…” Our skaters could not agree more as they work their hearts out to capture that elegance, control, and charisma that can only be combined on wheels in artistic skating.

Keep up with Nationals Online

Keep up with all things USA Rollersports by visiting their website. You can see the schedule for events, and even sign up to watch the streaming video.

What about Artistic Skate at Roller Kingdom?

Find out more from our open adult artistic skate session on Thursdays at Tynsboro from 10am-noon. This is a great way to get out, get active, and meet other artistic skaters. If you have further questions regarding artistic skate opportunities for children or adults, please contact us for more information.

Don’t forget that Roller Kingdom loves keeping artistic skating, speed skating, and jam skating alive and well. We are also huge fans of recreational roller skating. Make sure you make plans to come on out and join us.

Photo courtesy of the Roller Kingdom Hudson Skating Club


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