4 Reasons Roller Skating Is The Perfect Summer Activity

As summertime rolls around, you’ll have lot more opportunity to get outdoors! Between laying at the poolside, bike riding, hiking and other activities, there’s a little something for everybody. Without the kids in school, you’ll have a lot more time for relaxation. We might be a little biased, but roller skating is the perfect summer activity…and here’s why!

summer fun at roller kingdom

  • It’s great exercise. Running can get a little boring and working out can get a little monotonous. Switch it up a little bit and get on some skates! It’s a lot less stress on your joints and you won’t even realize you’re getting a great workout with all the fun!
  • It’s great for group activities. Let’s face it. We’re way too glued to our televisions, tablets and iPhone’s these days. Take a break and get some much needed bonding time! It’s a great way to hang out with friends without spending money or staying inside!
  • It’s perfect for all ages. A lot of times it’s difficult to come up with an activity that is suitable for everybody. But roller skating is something great for everyone! There’s a ton of fun games you can play. Check out our latest blog post to see our favorites!
  • It’s air conditioned. It gets so hot in the summer; and while we love being outside it feels great to be indoors! No sunburns, no heat exhaustion and less sweat; we’d say that’s an all around win!

We’d love to have you this summer at Roller Kingdom! Our Hudson and Tygnsboro locations are open 7 days a week! Stop by anytime, and take a look at our special events to get in on the summer action!


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