Our Favorite Roller Rink Games!

We all love roller skating, but going around in circles can get a little monotonous sometimes! So we’d like to share a few of our favorite games. These are super easy, safe and they’ll keep the whole gang entertained. Check it out!

roller skating games

  • Musical Skates: Familiar with musical chairs? It’s the same deal! Instead of chairs, skaters will have to stop at a black “x” on the floor (use tape). Like musical chairs, make sure you have one more skater than x’s. Grab a DJ to play some music, and have them stop it at random intervals. When the music stops, skaters will have to find the closest x…and whoever doesn’t make it onto an x will be out! Keep going until the last person stands.
  • Roller Tag: Put a fun twist on a good ole’ classic! Find an empty parking lot, rink or gym and get a group on skates. Pick one person to be the tagger. This person will chase the other skaters in an attempt to tap their back. If someone gets tapped, they’re it! To make it a little more interesting, add multiple taggers.
  • Corners: Who doesn’t love a little incentive? Gather some note cards and write down different areas of the rink. They can vary; examples may be “snack bar” or “DJ booth.” Put all the note cards in a hat, and start some music. Tell the skaters to start skating around the rink. When the music stops, the DJ will pick up a card, and whoever is closest to that location will win a small prize! This is a great game for parties or for rink events.
  • Food Relay: This is a tricky one, but it could improve your skating skills and inspire some team bonding! Gather a large group and split them into two teams. Create two distinct lanes on the rink using cones (or any other item you can find), and then mark a start and finish line for each lane using tape. Line the teams up behind the start line. On go, the first player on each team will have to weave through cones, holding a certain amount of pizza boxes (let’s say 5). If at anytime anyone drops their boxes, they have to go back to the start! First team to go through all of their players, wins!

We can’t wait to see you guys try these out! Be courteous to others during open skate time and let us know if you’d like to start one of these games. We recommend these mostly during private parties or as suggestions during Roller Kingdom events. We’ll see you soon!

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