We’re Feeling the Love!

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Get your roller skates on,
And come roll with us!

February is American Heart Month. At Roller Kingdom, we love to get our exercise on and keep our hearts pumping with roller skating. Not only is roller skating tons of fun for the whole family, but it is a great way to get fitness in too!Valentine's Day

It is suggested by the Mayo Clinic that individuals exercise for at least thirty minutes each day. At Roller Kingdom, we know that including roller skating into a regular exercise routine has tons of benefits! Roller skating is good for the heart as it provides a great aerobic alternative to walking or running. When roller skating, not only are you getting that heart rate up, but you are also burning calories (up to 600 per hour!).

Throughout February there are tons of opportunities for you to join us and get that body rolling! Come on out for one of our great events at both of our Hudson and our Tyngsboro locations!

February Hudson Schedule

February Tyngsboro Schedule

And don’t miss out on adding a little fun to your Valentine’s Day plans with our Fun for Everyone roller skating sessions on Sundays! We’ll be here ready to play your favorite love songs from 1-5pm on Valentine’s Day 2016!

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