We have a brand new deal for you at Roller Kingdom! We are calling it the Skate Rebate, and this has everything to do with your purchase of new skates. This deal is so great, and so exciting that we couldn’t help but share the news with you! Skate Varieties at Roller Kingdom

First, you know that we have one of the best skate shops around. Not only do we carry a fine variety of skate styles and sizes in stock, but we also custom order any type of skate, wheel, or bearing, that your heart desires.

We also allow you to try your skates out before you buy them. We want you to love your skates and love to skate, so we make sure that you have plenty of opportunity to try your new skates on, take a few spins around the floor at Roller Kingdom, and make sure you are completely satisfied.

Now, you might be thinking that our Skate Shop sounds pretty darn good right about now. However, it gets even better! This is where our BRAND NEW deal comes into the picture! Right now if you make a purchase in our Skate Shop, we will celebrate with you by giving you a Skate Rebate for the same amount you spend!

What is this Skate Rebate you ask? It’s simple! Let’s just say that we order you a pair of custom skates, you try them out, fall in love with them, and then you decide to purchase them. Let’s take this scenario a tiny bit further and pretend that you bought Reidell Dart skates for $99. At the time of your purchase, you will not only get an amazingingly awesome new pair of speed skates, but we will hand you a Skate Rebate card for $99. This Skate Rebate card can be used for admission to any of our public sessions. We will deduct the amount from the card each time that you use it. If you are a penny pincher and love to come to our Wednesday night Dollar Nights, you can skate for free for nearly two years! Of course the Skate Rebate can be used for admission to all of our other public sessions as well.  There is a limit of one admission per session.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Check out our Skate Shop at our Tyngsboro Roller Kingdom, or at our Hudson Roller Kingdom. If you aren’t able to make it in right away, feel free to preview and browse what we have to offer online!

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