Star Wars Day

We’re calling all Star Wars fans and inviting you to join us at Roller Kingdom‘s Star Wars Day. Yes, we are celebrating the season and the record breaking release of the newest Star Wars movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, with roller skating!

We know that the love that fans have for Star Wars rarely stops when the movie is over, so roll on in with your favorite Star Wars attire on the 29th of December and enjoy $2 off skating admission.

May The Force Be With YouSTAR WARS DAY (1)

Test your hand at the force with an epic game of laser tag while visiting on our Star Wars Day. It only takes a little imagination for our laser tag arena to transform from the traditional laser tag environment into a real life Star Wars experience. After all, you’ll not be battling your friends in the arena, you’ll most likely be battling stormtroopers and others that are dressed in their Star Wars gear and ready for battle.

Meet Princess Leia

Princess Leia will be joining us during our Star Wars Day. We’re guessing that she’ll be wearing her iconic double buns on the sides of her head. If you’d like to dress up as Princess Leia, there are actually tutorials on how to create the same classic hairstyle.

In addition to Princess Leia (and perhaps her many look alikes) we’re sure that we’ll see many other Star Wars characters as well. Who are you planning on joining us as during our Star Wars Day?

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