Skating Safely at Roller Kingdom

The CPSC (US Consumer Product Safety Commission, has found that the number of roller skating accidents is somewhere in the region of 50,000 incidents each year.  These accidents range from minor cuts, sprains and bruises, to broken bones and other more severe injuries. Keep in mind that this refers to roller skating both indoors at your local roller skating rink and roller skating outdoors. It is important that safety regulations and guidelines be followed while skating whether indoors or outdoors. As we hunker down for winter, we thought it would be a good idea to remind skaters of a few ways to stay safe while skating at Roller Kingdom in Tyngsboro and Hudson.

Roller Skaters Safety Information

Roller skaters hold a certain level of responsibility for their own safety when skating and the safety of those around them.  Therefore, they should always follow the posted warning signs and avoid skating in a manner or at a speed that could cause injury or damage to themselves, other skaters, or the actual skating rink. Safe Skating

Maintaining Roller Skates

Part of skating safely includes not only keeping responsibility in mind as previously mentioned, but also using proper equipment. At Roller Kingdom, we are proud to offer the use of rental skates in our facility. These skates are regularly maintained with our Pro Shop staff. We encourage our skaters to make sure their skates are in proper and safe working order when they choose to bring their own. Our staff can give your skates a good check up, and we can even show you a few of our newer roller skating styles and models if you are interested in upgrading. Don’t forget that our skate sale is going on now, and a purchase of new skates equals free skating!

Contact Roller Kingdom today if you have any questions about safety regulations and guidelines that we have in place at our rinks. Make sure to share your #rollerkingdom pictures socially with us on InstagramFacebook and Twitter! We love to see all of the pics of skaters skating!


  1. Denise Gelinas says:

    Is it safe for a senior to skate at your rink? What are the best hours for seniors?

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