Saturday Sessions

In November we added a morning session to the calendars for both the Tyngsboro and Hudson Roller Kingdom locations. We’re excited because this is a great opportunity for you to take care of gaining new skating skills and to take advantage of our Spectacular Savings Session for our birthday parties!Saturday Sessions

Skating Skills

Saturday mornings are the perfect time to drop in and polish up your skating skills. Our doors open at 10am, and the session goes til noon. Whether you are staying after from Saturday morning lessons (offered from 9:15-9:45am at Hudson and from 9:30-10:00am at Tyngsboro), or if you want to get your day started with some music and skating, then Saturday mornings can’t be beat! With two hours of skating done before noon you will have had time to build your confidence as a newbie skater, or to become an expert in a new skill that you are working on. Whether you are learning forward, backward, crossovers, turning, or simply just want to balance and stand at the same time, Saturday mornings are great!

Spectacular Savings Sessions

Everyone knows that birthday parties are the best at Roller Kingdom. With skating, video games, and laser tag there is plenty for your party goers to do. On Saturday mornings, we offer $2 off the fee for each guest when you book a Deluxe Party or Super Deluxe Party! This savings also applies to Friday reservations from 4-6:30pm at the Tyngsboro and Hudson rinks and Wednesday bookings from 6-9pm in Tyngsboro. Contact us for more details about our Spectacular Savings Sessions. Or book a party online using the following links:

We hope to see you out for our Saturday Sessions! Mornings are great, but don’t forget that we’re also open from 1-5pm in Hudson and Tyngsboro for our Afternoon Fun Skate, and from 7-11pm in Tyngsboro for our Teen Night! Don’t forget to share #rollerkingdom #comerollwithus on InstagramFacebook and Twitter! We love to see all of the pics of skaters skating! 

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