Safe Skating Tips For National Safety Month!

Whether it be quad or inline skates, indoor or outdoor, safety is ALWAYS important when it comes to roller-skating. Sometimes kids look for an excuse not to wear safety gear, whether it be it’s uncomfortable or just “not cool.” June is National Safety Month, and we’re here to give you the best tips and tricks for safe skating!


Always Wear a Proper Helmet

Accidents can and do happen. When roller-skating, your head needs protection in case of a fall. That means wearing the correct helmet, because not all helmets offer the same amount of protection. Investing in a quality helmet that fits your children correctly while also offering adequate protection and impact absorption is suggested.

Fitness Helmet — Does not always adequately protect from high impact collisions. It also no longer protects after a single collision.

Multi-Sport Helmet — Offers better all around impact protection and is effective for more than one collision.

Skate Helmets — Offers adequate protection during skating but may not protect during other activities like biking or boarding.

You may be able to counter the children’s resistance to wearing their helmet by picking out one in their favorite color, or creating a fun project of customizing their gear with stickers, graphics, etc.

Always Wear Knee Pads and Elbow Pads

No scrapes and bruises here! Sometimes these can get a little bulky, but you’ll have some peace of mind and your child will help their joints by wearing this extra protective gear.

Pick the Right Skates

If skates do not fit properly, it could very well lead to accidents and injuries. They should be comfortable, yet sturdy. They should also offer proper ankle support. To make sure a pair of skates offers enough ankle support, feel the plastic boot around the ankle. If it squeezes, there is not enough support and the material is not strong enough. Find some of the best skates here.

Consider Other Protective Gear

While most adults and children know that a helmet and pads are necessary for safe skating, skaters may want to add extra layers of protection. That means wearing long sleeves and long pants instead of shorts to prevent injury to elbows and knees in case of a fall.



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