Quads vs. Inline Roller Skates

When choosing roller skates, you have two options: classic quads or the skates with two pair of wheels, or inline skates, with one row of wheels in the middle of the skate. Both types of skate are popular at Roller Kingdom in Tyngsboro or Hudson.

Many of the basic tips for how to skate are the same with both quads and inline roller skates. Skating with either one is essentially stepping forward and rolling the foot back, regardless of where the wheels are placed.flash skates

The primary difference between the skates is braking. Stopping with quads is done with the toe, but with inline skates, stopping is done at the heel. While both skates are propelled forward by the same step-like motions, stopping with quads means leaning forward onto either of the toe stops.  Some beginners find that more difficult, rather than pulling back to lean on the heel.

Where you roller skate, and for what reason you skate, you should determine the type of skates you choose. Consider the following:

Quad roller skates:

  • Meant for in-door skating
  • Slower
  • Not typically supportive for the ankles
  • More stable

Inline skates:

  • Meant for exercise and speed
  • Optimal for skating outside
  • Made of hard plastic that encases the ankles, offering excellent support
  • Wobbly and require learning some balance

While quad roller skates are more nostalgic for many people as roller derby skates, the spread of the wheels means that even tiny obstacles are more likely to be a problem than with in-line skates, whether it’s a crack or a rock. Broad, smooth surfaces – like a skating rink – are the best places for use of quads.

While inline roller skates do require some balance, the wheels are faster and made for speed. With the skates all in a line, it’s easier to avoid obstacles, even the small ones, both from the decreased likelihood of hitting it and the maneuverability to swerve. When you’re looking for speed skates, you’re looking for inlines.

Whether you are in the process of learning to skate or choosing the right skates for your skating style, these tips will help you enjoy skating to its fullest potential. For more information stop by our Skate Shop next time you are in to do a little shopping and ask us any questions that you may have.


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