Party with a Ninja Turtle

Q: What two things do the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Christopher Columbus have in common?

A: Their Italian roots and Roller Kingdom!

Yes, perhaps we are stretching this just a little bit, but all four turtles are named after Italian painters or artists (Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael, and Donatello), and Columbus was an Italian explorer. These fictional turtles and historical figure have their roots in common, but they also share a connection with Roller Kingdom.

Columbus Day commemorates the landing of Christopher Columbus. It just so happens to be that the Tyngsborough Public Schools and Hudson Public Schools are closed on Columbus Day as are many banks and government institutions. Roller Kingdom is not closed on this day! Instead, Tyngsboro and Hudson rinks and laser tag arenas will be open.ninja-turtle day

Not only will we be open, but we may have some special green visitors visiting us on Columbus Day as well! This is your chance to party with a Ninja Turtle! We realize that we may be stretching the common points a bit, but since we made the connection we thought we would have fun with it!

Special Pizza Options

If you are wanting to keep with the theme and Italian commonality, then celebrate with special pizza options.  We will have pizza toppings that we don’t normally offer, and that is all the more reason to come on out to our Columbus Day Skate. We will have special pizza options just for you on this fun-filled day of no school!

Face Painting

Since this is a special Day Skate, we wanted to add a little extra fun. Face painting will be available in addition to roller skating, laser tag, and video games. You can request to have your face painted like a ninja turtle or choose from a few other simple designs.

Free Pizza Slice and Small Drink

We know some of you love to get into the spirit of things and take themes as far as you can. For this reason, we want to add a little extra challenge to you. Come to Roller Kingdom on Monday, Oct. 13 dressed like your favorite turtle and you’ll get a free pizza slice and small drink. It’s a win!

Come on out on Columbus Day and party with a Ninja Turtle! Our skate is from 1-5pm, admission is $8, and skate rental is $1 extra. Parents, you get free admission, and skate rental is $3. We can’t wait to see you out for this fun-filled skating session!

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