New Year’s Eve Skate

Join us for a daytime New Year’s Eve Party at Roller Kingdom! It does not matter whether or not you’ll be in Hudson or Tyngsboro, because we’ll be counting down to New Year’s at both Roller Kingdom locations!

We realize that midnight is simply too late for some. Whether you have young ones that won’t be able to stay up late, or you have to get your sleep to work the next day, we are happy to offer our daytime countdown! After all, it is still New Year’s Eve no matter what time of day, and everyone should have a little fun as they bid farewell to 2014 and say hello to 2015.New Year's Eve

Even though we’ll be counting down to 3pm for our early New Year’s celebration, the people in Dubai will be welcoming the new year ahead of us as they are in a completely different part of the world and a different time zone. If they can celebrate, we should celebrate as well! Our final countdown to the early new year will be accompanied by noisemakers, party hats, and leis!

Best Songs of 2014

Throughout our New Year’s Eve early skate, we’ll celebrate the end of 2014 with a countdown of the best songs of the year. What songs do you think will make it? And which ones do you want to hear? Let us know on InstagramFacebook and Twitter what your top songs of 2014 are!

Join us from 1-5pm on New Year’s Eve for our New Year’s Eve Skate! Don’t forget to invite your friends and get the word out!

**Please note that we will not be open the evening of New Year’s Eve for dollar night. We will only be open from 1-5pm for our New Year’s Eve hours at both locations.

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