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Social media is the trend these days, and we’re here to tell you we’re all over it! We pride ourselves on offering great entertainment for family and friends, but what we love most about our business is being able to connect with you. We love seeing pictures of your favorite memories posted on Instagram, a great shout out to our Twitter page or a friendly review on Yelp. Your feedback means the world to us, because it lets us know how to improve! In a world of new technology, social media allows us the great opportunity to create a two way street of communication, where we can make Roller Kingdom not just an entertainment center, but a community.┬áSo here’s a peak at where you can find us!

  1. “Like” us on our Facebook page for both Hudson and Tyngsboro! We post daily, whether it’s discussing a special event we have coming up, or a fun article, like this lady who relearns roller skating at 94 years old! You can also inbox message us with any questions, check in, or tag us in a visitor post. Feel free to like, comment and share on your favorite posts!
  2. We’re on Instagram!┬áThis is one of our favorites. Tag us in your best photo using the handle @roller_kingdom!
  3. Give us a quick shout out on Twitter! Use the same handle @roller_kingdom to send a tweet, GIF, picture and more.
  4. Hey what do you know, we’re on YouTube too! We’ve posted a couple fun videos you can take a look at, like this fun bear that made an appearance a few years ago.
  5. If you’d like to tell us about your experience or see what others are saying about our business, visit our Yelp pages for Hudson and Tyngsboro. We love hearing your feedback as it helps us be the best we can be!

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