Learn Artistic Roller Skating in Massachusetts

Many are familiar with the winter Olympic sport of figure skating on ice, but did you know that we do figure skating right here at Roller Kingdom? We do! Take a look at Wikipedia and you’ll see that artistic roller skating is quite similar to figure skating on ice. The obvious differences lie between roller rink floor and ice, and of course ice skates and roller skates.Artistic Skate

Artistic Roller Skating – More than Meets the Eye

At first glance people may think that artistic roller skating only offers up figure skating options. However the Team USA Roller Figure Skating National Championships offers up competition in figures, singles, pairs, dance (team and solo), precision team skating, and show team skating categories. Our own Roller Kingdom teams are quite competitive and have made the journey to the National Championships.

Artistic Skating Opportunities at Roller Kingdom

Roller Kingdom offers a few opportunities to get involved in artistic roller skating at both locations. Tynsgboro offers  from 10am-noon on Thursdays. Admission is $6 and includes skate rental. At the Hudson rink, our own coach Bob and Heidi offer a variety of skating lessons and help oversee the Hudson Skating Club. Visit their Facebook page to find out more about artistic skating at Hudson, visit the artistic club skate on Tuesdays at Hudson from 7:30-9:30pm ($5 admission), or call them at 978-567-5926 for more information.

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