It’s Time to Celebrate

The kids are back to school and fall sports are underway. This may be enough to make parents and sports fans celebrate. At Roller Kingdom, we are looking ahead to the end of the season. When the fall sports season reaches its end, where will the end of season banquet or party be held? We suggest Roller Kingdom!

Our skating rinks in Tyngsboro and Hudson provide plenty of space for your team to celebrate the season. The entire football team along with all friends and family members can easily fit into our 25,000 square foot facility. This is also true for the cross country, soccer, golf, cheer, and field hockey teams. We know you’ll need lots of space to celebrate and space is something we can definitely offer.Fall Sports Awards

In addition to space, we’ve got plenty for your team to do to celebrate throughout your time at Roller Kingdom. You can lace up your skates and continue on the competition with some of our skating games. Or you can grab a vest and laser tag gun and see who will be the champion in our laser tag arena. Maybe you’d rather try your luck at a crane game, skee ball, or other game; we have plenty of opportunity for you in our arcade.

Contact Roller Kingdom in Tynsboro or in Hudson to book your end of season party. We will gladly provide your team with one of the most memorable end of season celebrations ever!


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