Increase Your Skating Endurance!

For those who are new to skating, it might be intimidating to see experienced skaters flying past you on the rink. Doesn’t it seem like they can go on forever? It takes awhile to build up some skating endurance; but with some patience and a few tips from the pros, you’ll be a pro-skater in no time!

roller skating speed

  • Practice! A huge part of skating is repeating what you learn.  Time yourself, and do the same drills over and over. Doing drills in your down time will make for better performance, endurance and speed.
  • Perfect the technicalities. A critical aspect of skating is focusing on your form, posture and fluidity. These technicalities are often overlooked, but if perfected can greatly help your endurance and speed! Check out this article for proper skating technique.
  • Wear your skates everywhere. This might seem silly, but wear your skates whenever you can. Whether it’s going out to get the mail or around the house, it truly will help. The more comfortable you are in your skates, the longer you’ll be able to last in them; hence more endurance! Be sure to wear comfortable, thick socks to avoid blisters. 
  • Branch out. Go skate on a rink, bike path or outdoor trails. Skating on multiple surfaces will get you used to being in your skates, and it makes things fun and interesting. You’ll be willing to skate longer if you can make it fun!
  • Treat your body right. The only way to improve your skating endurance is if you’re improving your overall health as well. Eating a well balanced diet, regularly exercising and getting enough sleep are all factors that go into your endurance.
  • Get the right skates. The best way to skate effectively is to have the right skates! Here’s where you can find some of the best…
  • Push yourself. Lastly, skate until you can’t skate anymore; and then push yourself one step further. Outdoor endurance skating is incredibly effective for building leg strength, speed, balance and awareness.

As always, feel free to practice your endurance skating at Roller Kingdom! If you’d like to improve your skating, we’re now offering summer skating lessons. Check it out on our website!

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