Holiday Party

The holidays are on the horizon, and while that may excite many with thoughts of Christmas trees, holiday decorations, and merry memories, it may have others dreading the holiday office party. While many companies strive to do something special for their employees over the holidays, there are of course goofs that take place. At Roller Kingdom, we are proud to offer our 25,000+ square foot facilities to help you avoid disastrous work parties.

Merry Music

With a live DJ working the music, your crew will not have to worry about music that does not set the mood. Our DJ can get the crowd involved on those skates (think Hokey Pokey and the Chicken Dance) or get people skating with Christmas classics. Whatever your music needs are, we will accomodate for your customized private party. We should also mention that this could be a fun opportunity for karaoke!Office Christmas Party

Say No to Potluck

Potlucks can be fun and adventurous, but why ask your employees to cook? And let’s admit it, with a potluck the balance is always off. Either there are too many salads and not enough main dishes, or the luck of the potluck wasn’t so great as nothing is appetizing. Avoid these unappetizing situations and take advantage of our snack bar options. Your employees will gladly say no to the cold cuts and yes to the pizza, nachos, slushies, and fried dough. We also assist with catering other menus as well.

Everyone Has Fun

Let’s just say that your guests won’t want to roller skate. We’ve got a video game arcade and laser tag as well. No one will be left out, and everyone will have fun. We don’t know about you, but these options beat sitting around the break room and exchanging white elephant gifts.

Family Friendly

Our roller skating rink is family friendly. Not only will your employees have a great time at a corporate holiday party at Roller Kingdom, but their significant others and children will as well.

Call us for more details regarding holiday office parties at Roller Kingdom and book your private party!


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