End of Summer Roller Skating Party!

Have you spotted the signs of the end of summer? We sure have! We’ve noticed that there has been an upswing in last minute trips to the beach, and back to school sales are in full gear. Tyngsborough Schools students hit the books and the halls on September 1st (Pre-K and Kindergarten on September 2nd) and Hudson Public Schools resume on Tuesday, September 2nd for all grade levels. With the end of summer winding down, we wanted to help you end the summer on a high note! Or, perhaps we should say on a bright note because on Friday, August 28, Roller Kingdom’s End of Summer Firefly Night will allow for just that!end of summer glow night

Glow Skate

The End of Summer Firefly Night will get everything, including you, glowing! The first 100 people to join us will get a free glow novelty. And wearing neon clothing and anything that glows, will just add to the fun under the black lights!

Glow Games and Glow Fun

Roller Kingdom is already packed with tons of entertaining options! Between the roller skating, laser tag, arcade games, and karaoke, there is always something to do. But on Friday, August 28, we are ramping things up for our End of Summer Firefly Night! Come on out and have fun with all of the extra games we’ll be working on throughout the night! 

Friday Supper Skate

The End of Summer Firefly Night is from 7-10pm in Hudson, MA and rom 7-11 at Tyngsboro, MA. If you’re looking for a little pre glow skating fun, then you are welcome to join us for our 4-6:30pm Friday Supper Skate session. Admission, skate rental, a slice of pizza, and a soda are all included for only $6 on Fridays from 4-6:30pm! This is an amazing deal that is great for the family and both Tyngsboro and Hudson!

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