End of Season Team Parties

The buds on the trees, and the early spring blooms are proof that spring is on the way! This means that there will be more sightings of uniformed players on the soccer fields and in the ball fields as spring sports season gets rolling. At Roller Kingdom, we’re always rooting for our favorite teams, and we love to celebrate with them at the end of the season. Consider hosting your teams end of season banquet or celebration at Roller Kingdom!Parties

With over 25,000 square feet of space under our roof, we’ve got more than enough room for the whole team, plus parents, plus grandparents, and neighbors and friends too! And when the celebrations are done, and the trophies have all been passed out, our skating rinks in Tyngsboro and Hudson provide plenty of activity. Team members and their supporters can hit the roller skating rink, play a game of laser tag, sing a karaoke song, or play in the arcade.

Customized Private Parties

It does not matter if your team is generally found on the track, golf course, soccer field, ball diamond, or in the swimming pool, we host all sorts of end of season parties at Roller Kingdom. Party options may be customized from our snack bar, and don’t forget that we host family reunions, church groups, school groups, and non-profits as well.

Roller Kingdom Meetup

While many teams will soon be celebrating the end of the season, we know that many parents, coaches, and students are already planning ahead for the next season. Our rink is the perfect location for your sign up and registration event. Parents can get to know each other, coaches can meet participants, and siblings can roller skate while they wait. We think this is a win all around!

Share your ideas with us for how you would use Roller Kingdom for private events. Don’t forget that Roller Kingdom is happy to accommodate groups of any size for private rink rentals. Visit our Private Parties page to find out more and give us a call or contact us today!

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