End of Season Parties at Roller Kingdom

While Roller Kingdom is a great place for birthday parties, did you know that we offer rink rentals and private parties for other events? Our rink rental and private party packages have been taken advantage of for end of season parties, corporate outings, team building activities, and team sign ups. These are just a few of the things we’ve seen our private parties and rink rentals used for over the years.94044516

Once you get your crew to our rink, the fun will begin as people won’t be able to resist putting on a pair of skates or taking each other out in a game of laser tag. You can keep the beat going with our karaoke, and of course we can offer custom concessions or catering to make your event a mouth watering success as well!

Here are some scenarios to help make your next event a moment that everyone will remember:

End of Season Parties

You’ve worked hard as a team the whole season. Whether it was football, basketball, cheer, dance, hockey, or any other sport, you know the bittersweet feeling that comes with the end of the season. It’s sad that it’s over, but a party is the best way to make those last memories and celebrate the victories of the season. Why not book it at Roller Kingdom in Hudson or Tyngsboro?

Corporate Outings

You work with each other in the office on a daily basis. However, it is important to get out and put the famous phrase, “Work hard, play hard.” Host your next corporate outing at our rink. This is a great opportunity to see how well you really balance work and life, or at least how well you and your co-workers can balance on skates!

Team Building

Build your team participation with our activities and events. We can help get your group participating in the Hokey Pokey, the Chicken Dance, or even do a variety of races around our floor. All of this will leave your group feeling like you’ve had a little bit of quality time together to bond. Perhaps a game of laser tag will help with team building as well!

Team Sign Ups

Parents, coaches, and kids love this win win options! If you are looking to get people signed up for your event or your sports team, use our rink as a sign up location! You’ll have a place to mingle with participants, parents can get to know each other, and everyone can get on out there and skate!

Of course, these are just a few ideas for events that work at our rink. Roller Kingdom is happy to accommodate a large or small group for your next event. Visit our Private Parties page to find out more and give us a call or contact us today!



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