Birthday Party Checklist at Roller Kingdom

Planning a child’s birthday party can be a lot of fun. There are so many options out there that it can be overwhelming at first, but when planning a kids birthday party, we suggest starting with a checklist. At Roller Kingdom we think that a party checklist can make the planning much smoother, and this is especially true when you have location, theme, decorations, and food as four major categories on your checklist.


Perhaps the most important element in planning a birthday party is choosing the location. At Roller Kingdom in Tyngsboro and Hudson, we make that part as easy as possible. Our family fun centers have been a strong part of the community for years! Both of our locations offer over 25,000 of fun! Location is certainly an easy category to check off the list when it comes to hosting a party at Roller Kingdom!


The next thing on your checklist should be determining a theme. Before anything can be made or bought you have to decide what the theme of your child’s party will be. For a child’s first birthday, parents tend to rely mostly on a color theme and the number “1.” As kids get older they start to like certain characters or TV shows. If they are old enough to tell you what they like that’s great, but if not, then just choose a theme based off of their favorite toy or cartoon.

Examples of themes by age-

  • Ages 2-4: Pirates, princesses, dinosaurs, Elmo, Sesame Street, tea party
  • Ages 5-7: Harry Potter, pizza, circus, dress up, cars,
  • Ages 8-10: roller skating, movies, academic interests

Many of these themes can be incorporated into our many great activity options included with our party packages. In addition to roller skating, guests can partake in laser tag, karaoke, and arcade games!

DecorationsBirthday party Theme

After determining a theme, decorations for the party should be next. You can choose to buy decorations from a party store or you can make your own. You can find so many decoration ideas online at Pinterest and other creative sites. Making your own decorations is a fun idea because often times kids can join in and help make some of the decorations for their party. Outside decorations are permitted at Roller Kingdom, so live up the theme!

DIY Decoration Ideas-

  • Balloon animals
  • DIY pin the (tail, bow, wheel, etc.) on the (character of choice)
  • Character center pieces
  • Pictures
  • Tissue paper pom poms


Food is always important when you have children. Perhaps you hear all too often, “When is dinner? I’m hungry!” At Roller Kingdom, you can wow your kiddos with fun themed menu ideas at their birthday party because you are you can customize your menu options with a choice of pizza or hot dogs and our party add-ons. You are welcome to bring in your own birthday cake with a booked party; if your child is having a zoo themed party, why not have zoo animal cupcakes?!

And after checking everything off on your party list the only thing left to do is HAVE FUN!!! And of course, we can’t think of any more fun than roller skating with your child at Roller Kingdom while you celebrate their special day! Book your party at Tyngsboro or Hudson today!


  1. Carla Lordan says:

    I am looking to celebrate my son’s party at Roller Kindom. The problem is we are only having 6 children, 5 who skate, 1 that will tag along. I have a groupon for 4 that includes skate rental, admittance and laser tag. The other problem is we have 3 children with egg and peanut allergies so we could not utilize the cake provided and would have to bring in our own. Any ideas in how we could do this? I’m thinking of using the groupon for 4 children, paying for the 5th and foregoing cake, unless you’ll allow us to bring it in. Let me know, thanks!!

    • Hi,
      Yes you can use a groupon and pay the admission for the 5th person. Unfortunately there is a $30 to bring in a cake if it is an unbooked party

  2. Do you have option for kids to do just for laser tag, if i would like to bring group of 14 gals?
    What would be the price?

  3. Amanda Tardiff says:

    Hi, I am interested in having my daughter’s party on a Saturday night in January. She is turning 8, and I saw the party listed is a “teen” party! Would you be able to accommodate us?

    • Hi, Yes you could do that. I’m not sure I recommend an 8 yr old party for Saturday night though. It is mostly teen agers. If you would like it though, you can book it.

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