Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is a time to show your love and appreciation for your special someone. If your special someone is a roller skater, then you are in luck! There are so many unique and fun gifts that you can get for the roller skater in your life this Valentine’s Day. From new wheels and bearings to stylish apparel, here are some great Valentine’s Day gifts for a roller skater.


    • New Wheels and Bearings: Every roller skater loves to try out new wheels and bearings. Not only do they add to the performance of the skater, but they also look really cool. Get your special someone a new set of wheels and bearings so they can look and feel their best when they hit the rink.

    • New Skates: Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show your special someone how much you care. And what better way to do that than with a pair of new roller skates from Roller Kingdom? Not only will they make them feel loved and appreciated, but when you buy with us, you’ll get a rebate card for future admission. So not only will your special someone have a great Valentine’s Day gift, but they can also look forward to more fun times in the future!


    • Roller Kingdom Gift Certificate: Looking for a unique and memorable gift for your loved one this Valentine’s Day? Look no further than a Roller Kingdom gift certificate! It is a great way to show your appreciation and gives the recipient a chance to enjoy some fun and exciting activities at Roller Kingdom. Whether they love to skate, play laser tag, or hang out with friends, there’s something for everyone at Roller Kingdom.
Stop by Roller Kingdom today and let us help you find the perfect gift for your roller skater sweetheart!

Annual Halloween Costume Party

Halloween Costume Party

Roller Kingdom is the perfect place to celebrate Halloween. We’ve been hosting our Halloween party for many years, and it’s always a big success.

The party will include decorations, games, and of course, skating! We’ve got something for everyone – whether you want to dress up as your favorite character or have fun with your friends.

Join our Costume Contest!

The annual costume contest highlights the most creative and imaginative costumes.
Dress up as your favorite character, wear your best costume, or come up with something new and creative.
We will be selecting the winner based on creativity and effort. So show up in your best costume, and you will automatically be entered to win a prize!

Halloween Costume Party at roller skating rink Halloween Costume Party at roller skating rink Halloween Costume Party at roller skating rink Halloween Costume Party at roller skating rink


Fun Halloween Games

  • Guess the weight of the pumpkin.
    Contestants have to guess the weight of a pumpkin. The person with the closest guess wins the pumpkin!

Pumpkin guessing contest Pumpkin guessing contest 

  • Guess the amount of candy corn.
    To play this game, you must guess how much candy corn is in the jar. The contestant with the closest guess wins the entire jar of candy corn!

Candy Corn Guessing Game Candy Corn Guessing Game

To play this game, you must guess how much candy corn is in the jar. The contestant with the closest guess wins the entire jar of candy corn!



Roller skating Costume Contest Winner

Costume Contest Winner

At this event, everyone who dresses up gets candy. In addition, the first, second, and third place costume contest winners will get a big prize

Date and Time

Our Halloween party will happen at both locations on:
Friday, October 28 / Night Session
Sunday, October 30 / 1-5 PM

Hawaiian Themed Sessions

Hawaiian Themed Session at Roller Kingdom

The Hawaiian party is back for the second year in a row! We know that people enjoyed our last one so much that they want us to do it again. So we will have all your favorite games and roller skating.

What is a Roller Skating Hawaiian Party?

This event is a celebration of the end of summer and all the fun we had this year. We will be celebrating with games, prizes, and Hawaiian-themed icees! It’s the perfect way to end summer with family and friends.

We will also give out FREE leis to everyone who attends.


Date and Time


We will have two Hawaiian-themed sessions: one in the afternoon and one in the evening.

The party will take place on Friday, August 19th, during our night session, and on August 20th, from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm at both Tyngsboro and Hudson locations.



Games and Activities You Can Participate In

This event will feature games such as limbo and a hula hoop contest. We will also have specialty icees, and a selfie wall where you can take pictures in your best Hawaiian costume.


The best Hawaiian costume will receive a prize!

Here’s what you need to know: The best Hawaiian costume receives a prize! So get yourself a Hawaiian-themed costume and join us! 

Our event is about having a good time and dressing up in awesome Hawaiian costumes.

April Events

Roll into Spring Break!


Our spring skating session is back by popular demand! Get your wheels turning and your body moving by joining us at Roller Kingdom. If you missed out on our winter break and New Year’s celebrations, then you will certainly want to be in attendance during spring break. Drop in for skating sessions Monday, April 18th through Friday, April 22nd. Roller Kingdom’s Hudson and Tyngsboro locations will have special hours to help you say “goodbye” to winter and “hello” to spring.


Skate for a Cause


Roller Kingdom aims to set a positive example for our customers when it comes to generosity and kindness. As such, we have organized a Skate for Ukraine event on Tuesday, April 5th, from 5-8 pm at both our Hudson and Tyngsboro locations. According to UNICEF, an estimated two million children have fled Ukraine in search of safety abroad while over 2.5 million more are displaced within the country since the war began. We have the power to help. Skate sessions are $16 dollars during this event including skate rentals. All proceeds will go to United for Ukraine. Donations help cover the costs of food, medicine, and shelter, as well as formula and diapers for children.  


Vacation skating hours and admissions


Our Hudson, MA location features a beautiful skating floor and plenty of activities to keep kids entertained for hours during spring break. Check out the air hockey table or try your hand at winning a plushie from the claw machine. Collect game tickets for special treats at our well-stocked prize shop.


Extra hours at the Hudson, MA location are (M-F) 4/18, 4/19 4/20, 4/21 and 4/22 from 1-4 pm. Parents enjoy free admission. Kids’ admission is $13 with a $3 skate rental fee.


The Tyngsboro location features a brilliant white skating floor that gives the impression of a fresh, trendy rink. Enjoy arcade games, karaoke, and a well-stocked prize shop.


Extra hours are (Mon )4/18, (Wed) 4/20, and (Fri) 4/22 from 1-4 pm (MA school vacation week) AND 4/25, 4/27, 4/29 from 1-4 pm. Like Hudson, parents at the Tyngsboro location enjoy free admission. Kids’ admission is $13 with a $3 skate rental fee.


Vibe with Roller Kingdom


Our goal is to continue to provide a modern skating experience for kids and teens to help keep them engaged. There are a ton of reasons to join us for spring break:


  • 25,000 sq feet of sensory engagement. We have specialty lights and speakers throughout creating an energetic environment.
  • Affordable skate rentals from toddler size to adult.
  • Come hungry! We offer food, drinks, and treats kids love such as pizza, hot dogs, fried dough, slushies, nachos, and popcorn.
  • The Roller Kingdom security team and experienced staff help ensure the safety of our guests.
  • Skating games hosted by the team.
  • Wide variety of skates available for sale or purchase through exclusive catalogs such as Southeastern Skate Supply, Riedell, RollerBlade, and Tour Hockey.


Can your skating skills use some help?


No problem. Roller Kingdom has got you covered.  Bonnie and Diane are our amazing skating teachers at the Tyngsboro location. If you decide on heading to Hudson, be on the lookout for Heidi.


Don’t let a lack of skills stop you or your child from getting in on the action. Join our Saturday morning skate group classes or inquire about our private lessons. Be prepared for the upcoming spring and summer events at Roller Kingdom!



December Vacation at Roller Kingdom

Roller Kingdom


Come Skate during Winter Break


We believe winter break is meant to be enjoyed and skating is the perfect indoor activity. Therefore, Roller Kingdom has special hours during Christmas vacation to give kids a break from their televisions, phones, and games. From 12/27 through 12/31, both the Hudson and Tyngsboro locations will be open from 1:00 – 5:00 pm in addition to regular hours. Admission is just $13 and skate rentals are available for $3, unless of course, you picked up one of the gift certificates we have available. In that case, your child can select a brand-new pair of skates and accessories as an extra special present.  


12/31 New Year’s Eve Countdown Party


Kids and teens feel the excitement of the coming new year too. Make sure to include them in the celebration by ending the year on a fun and energetic note. Both Roller Kingdom locations are open from 1:00 – 5:00 pm on New Year’s Eve, which gives adults plenty of time to prepare for any evening activities or parties.


Roller Kingdom will make the night memorable and festive. The rink is modern, clean and has both great sound and colorful lighting. We will have our regular menu items available, so all you need to do is show up ready to roll. The countdown to 2022 begins at 3:00 pm. Admission includes party hats, leis, and of course, noisemakers for everyone. Also, this is the perfect time to glow from head to toe. Show off those smooth moves with Luminous Light Up Wheels for just $9 each. There are several colors available but be sure to get yours early because they will go quickly!


What New Year’s Eve Party would be complete without the best music? We will keep the energy going with a countdown of all the top songs of 2021 and of course some of our signature games.

Roller Skating is a Win-Win

Both the owners and employees at Roller Kingdom pride ourselves on creating an entertaining atmosphere for kids and teens to not only have fun, but get exercise as well. Roller skating is a form of fluid/low-impact aerobic exercise that does wonders for the mind and body. Here are a few examples of what we mean:


  • Roller skating helps improve balance and coordination. Its total-body motion means muscles in the core, back, and legs work to keep the body stabilized.[i]
  • Given that it is low impact, roller skating is an excellent alternative to contact and high-impact sports and activities such as football, tennis, and running.
  • Aerobic exercise is also known to help fight fatigue by strengthening the heart and lungs meaning more oxygen circulates through the system providing steady energy.[ii]
  • Time spent at the roller rink is good for kids’ mental health because it releases endorphins (hormones associated with positive moods) and builds lasting memories.[iii]


Additional Info:

  • Keeping with the holiday cheer, parents enjoy free admission for all afternoon sessions during the winter break.
  • We offer the best brands in roller skates with several unique colors and patterns available. Our skate deal is like no other because they essentially pay for themselves. You receive a gift card for the purchase price to be used towards admission. (1 admission per person).



[i] https://www.healthline.com/health/fitness/is-roller-skating-good-exercise#muscles-worked

[ii] https://www.parents.com/fun/sports/exercise/10-benefits-of-physical-activity/

[iii] https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/320839#what-are-endorphins

August 2021 events at Roller Kingdom

When you want a fun day out with your family, Roller Kingdom is the place to go. Roller skating has been around for decades and it’s still popular today! What better way to spend an afternoon than by going roller skating? With this blog post we hope to inspire you to make plans now for August so that you can enjoy some of these events at our rink.
The energy in the building is electric, the music pumping through the speakers, kids laughing as they race each other down the length of the floor, parents cheering from the sidelines – it’s like being at a carnival without all of that pesky waiting in line!

August Events:

Tyngsboro location:

Thursday, August 12th – 730-1030pm –  We have latin music night. If you like artists such as Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Rauw Alejandro, Karol G, and more this night is for you. Dj Jensway is the dj and she will be spinning all the hottest latin hits. She dj’s clubs all over MA and NH and keeps the dance floors packed.

Hudson, MA location:

Saturday, August 21st 7:30-10:30pm. Adult Night. Must be 18+. This night will be awesome. Adults only woohoo. No kiddies to avoid and just the music you want. Old school hip hop and r&b mixed with some new hits. DJ MannyReese will be on the scene and mixing it up. He is known around all of New England as the roller rink adult night mix master. Bring your skates or your blades and have fun tearing it up without the little ones. Roller skating at Roller Kingdom on Adult Night is super fun and no stress. Meet your friends and make some new ones. The AC will be pumping on this hot summer night.

Both locations:

Friday Night August 20th, and Saturday August 21st 1-4pm- Hawaiian Night. The summer fun continues with our Hawaiian themed fun. We are giving out prizes for best costume, having specialty icees, and doing a bunch of fun activities. Celebrate summer with a fun night of island fun.

We can’t wait to see you in August at our awesome roller skating events! Come and skate with us. You’ll be able to meet new people, make friends, have fun and get exercise all while enjoying the thrill of rolling around on a rink. Roller skating is not only an enjoyable activity but it’s also good for your health too; so we want everyone from kids to seniors out there having some fun this summer!

April Vacation Roller Skating

If you are looking for a way to have some fun with your family and friends during April vacation, you should consider checking out Roller Kingdom. 


While many people think that roller skates and blades are just for kids or teens, the truth is that they are a great way to have fun, exercise, and they can do wonders for your reflexes. 


The truth is that you can use roller skates and blades on the street or a skateboarding park. However, if this is something you never did before, it is better to try it in a place like Roller Kingdom. Besides the huge area (more than 25,000 sq ft.), you can also benefit from air conditioning. 

Oh, and if you are worried about COVID-19, we can assure you that we are taking all precautions. Besides regular cleaning throughout the day, we do an extensive cleaning every night. In addition, we have plenty of hand sanitizer spread all over our spaces, social distancing is mandatory, and masks are required. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy an incredibly fun activity with your loved ones or alone in a safe environment. 



April Vacation Skating At Roller Kingdom


In case you are wondering about our April vacation schedules:


  • Hudson, MA:


4/19 – 4/23 1-4pm every day


  • Tyngsboro, MA:


Open Mon, Wed, Fri, 1-4pm for both weeks MA and NH VACA.



Why You Should Take Advantage Of April Vacation Skating At Roller Kingdom


#1: Healthy Exercise:


Skating is just a great exercise. Besides burning a lot of calories, you can do it for many hours. Ultimately, it will allow your core and legs to be stronger. 


#2: It’s For All Ages:


As we mentioned above, roller skates and blades are for all ages, they’re not just for kids and teens. Overall speaking, you won’t be looking to be a pro. You just want to have fun. 


#3: Great For Reflexes:


As you can imagine, roller skates and blades require a lot of control and focus. They will not only help your balance and you will also learn how to fall without hurting yourself. 


#4: It Is Pretty Fun:


There’s no question that roller skates and blades can be a lot of fun. Between learning and then mastering your skills with some falls in the middle, you can be sure that you will have a few laughs. 



#5: Perfect To Forget About Problems:



We are living a difficult time with the new coronavirus pandemic and all its effects on our lives. Some of us really need some time to escape from all these problems that are always on your mind. And roller skates and blades may be just what you need to simply relax for a bit and smile.



#6: It’s Not Difficult To Learn:



In case you never tried it out, you need to know that riding on roller skates and blades is not difficult at all. While it may take you some time in the beginning, as soon as you can maintain your balance, you’ll see how easy it is.



Ready to try out Roller Kingdom?

Winter fun and exercise at Roller Kingdom

kids roller skating

Parents nowadays have a hard time getting their kids off the screens. During winter, this gets even harder. Convincing the kids to engage in outdoor play in winter, a period characterized by shorter, cold days, can be extremely hard. However, some activities are fun, regardless of the weather or season, that kids will enjoy. Roller skating can be good winter fun, a perfect opportunity to get kids off the screen, allowing them to enjoy an activity that they like. They will have a chance to exercise, burn calories, stay fit, and get entertained all at once.


Parents and kids roller skating

Parents and kids making fun memories together.

Roller skating has been proven to be a beneficial activity for the kid; it is suitable for their heart and mind. For the heart, the exercise strengthens its muscles, helping in improving the blood circulation. The fact that the work out engages all parts of the body means that roller skating is one exercise that can be enjoyed during winter. When it comes to calorie consumption, roller skating provides a similar effect as jogging. With this kind of metabolism, kids are protected from excessive weight gain and develop improved body strength and reduction in chances of contracting lifestyle diseases later in their lives.
One place where kids can get the winter fun is at Roller Kingdom; here, they get to exercise, burn those calories, and feel refreshed while away from the screens. The center focuses on modern entertainment, roller skates and blades, LED lights, new music, HD projection, among other facilities.

kids having fun roller skating

Races. One of the many fun activities.

It is not just entertainment and roller skating that makes the Roller Kingdom such a fun place to be during winter or any other season for that matter. It is an ideal place for birthday parties, teen nights, school parties, family fun, among other events.
The more than 25,000 square feet space is designed to provide fun, safety, and entertainment beyond expectations. Apart from roller skating and getting entertained, this is a place where kids can interact with others. Parents are assured that their kids are interacting in a safe environment and that they will not engage in activities that may influence them negatively. Roller Kingdom allows kids to interact and socialize with their peers; they will not only exercise but will also learn some useful social skills.

Summer Fun

Are you looking for a fantastic place to stay active during the summer? We’ve got your ultimate recipe for summer fun. Check out Roller Kingdom for a fun night of roller skating and much, much more. There’s no point exercising out in the hot sun when you can come indoors, grab a snack, and spend the night skating your cares away with family and friends. It’s the perfect way to stay healthy and cool while engaging in more than your share of fun activities. Whoever said roller skating isn’t cool has definitely never been to Roller Kingdom!

Roller Skating is a Cool Way to Stay Active

If you’re looking to shed a few pounds for the summer, why do it the hard way? Why not relax, grab a handful of family and friends, and head out to the rink? You’ll find a fun way to exercise while enjoying yourself to the max. Roller skating is back and it’s better than ever. We’ve got 2 convenient locations and plenty of activities ready for you to enjoy. After you’ve spent a few nights roller skating to your heart’s content, you can come back for other fun-filled activities. The air conditioning will be on full blast.


A Full Night of Summer Fun is Waiting for You

Do you enjoy laser tag? We can give you quick access to one of the nation’s leading pastimes. We have it all planned out for you here. Come on in, suit up, and go tagging with your friends. We’ve got a 10-minute scenario that will leave you breathless with excitement. And, of course, there are plenty of other activities for your kids to enjoy. Roller Kingdom isn’t just about roller skating. It’s about finding a place where you can stay cool during the hot summer while also enjoying yourself. Come on out tonight and see what all the fuss is really about.


Check Out Roller Kingdom for a Host of Fun Activities

Do you need somewhere to take your family on a hot summer night? The answer is clear: Book your party at Roller Kingdom today. Get in touch with us to get all of the latest details on how we can turn your routine summer night into a whirlwind of fun activities. Check with us to learn more about our special Prize Cube and other attractions. Roller Kingdom is the ultimate place for family fun and much, much more.

Summer Camps/ Rec Groups

Are you in charge of a summer camp schedule? If so, you’ll be wanting to fill your nights up with plenty of exciting and fun activities. One of the best ways to do so is to schedule a night of roller skating for your charges. This is one of the best recipes for summer fun that can be imagined. Instead of another night out in the woods or alone in their bunks, you can help the kids stay active with a night of fun that they will never forget. This is your chance to introduce young minds to one of the exciting world of roller skating.

Roller Skating Nights Are the Perfect Getaway for Summer Camps


When it comes to scheduling fun filled activities for summer camps, you can’t go wrong with roller skating. This is even more true if some of your kids happen to have a birthday in the middle of their stay at your facility. You can bring them out for a night of exciting roller skating activity. On top of that, you can treat them to a birthday party with their friends. It’s a great way to give them fun memories that will last them a lifetime.


Book Your Ultimate Night Out at Roller Kingdom

If you’re ready to book a fun filled night at Roller Kingdom, let us know today. We’ll be happy to give you all of the latest details on our fun filled activities and specials. We have a new assortment of attractions, including the return of our legendary Prize Cube. Whether you’re booking a field trip for your summer camp or just ready to spend a fun night out with your kids, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch with Roller Kingdom today to learn more about what we can do to give you a great time.