After School Fun Celebrate Your TGIF

It’s Friday, you’ve worked hard all week, and the last thing you want to do is cook. You are ready to celebrate your TGIF! The kids feel the same way! After all it’s Friday, they don’t have school tomorrow, and they want to go hang out with friends. Ready for the solution? It’s the Friday After School Supper Skate at Roller Kingdom! Every friday from 4-6:30pm we are here ready to help you get your TGIF started with our Friday After School Supper Skate. Doesn’t matter if you prefer Tyngsboro or Hudson, cause we’ve got it going on at both! Let’s break it down a little and further share the benefits of what we have to offer.

After School

Friday is the only day of the week that we are open in the afternoon. We do offer a Wednesday night skate in Tynsgboro, but that’s another story. Anyway on Friday we open at 4:00pm to accommodate those that are already out of school, and parents that have the opportunity to end their work days a little early. Admission is $6 and that includes skate rental!After School Supper Skate

Supper Skate

We’ve got to tell you that our when we say Supper Skate, we mean you get supper and you get to skate! All for the same price. That $6 includes admission, skate rental, and supper. Your meal includes a slice of pizza and an ice cold Pepsi product. We think that’s a pretty good deal for $6.

Additional Things

If you’re wanting to do more than just skate and dine, then consider throwing in a game of laser tag for $5. Or you can wow the crowd with your karaoke singing. We’ve also got an arcade in which you can win tickets for prizes. There is plenty to do at Roller Kingdom during our Friday After School Supper Skate.

If you find that you are enjoying yourself so much and want to stay for our Friday night late skate sessions, then you are welcome to do so. Hudson reopens for our late skate 7-10pm sesh or $7 and Tyngsboro reopens for the late skate sesh from 7-11pm for $8.

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