New Covid-19 Procedures

5/30/21 Update:

We will be cleaning more and more throughout the session. We will be disinfecting all areas frequently throughout every session. There will be plenty of hand sanitizer. We are taking all steps and directives found on the CDC’s website. The rental skates are always disinfected, but we will be doing that more often. We will continue to do everything we possibly can to minimize any risks that there may be. Our employees and customers are our extended family and we will act as such. If you have any questions feel free to ask. We now have a disinfecting fogger machine and use no harmful chemicals.  We deep clean every night.

We are using chemical EPA# 97145-1 BioBlsat Disinfectant.




  1. linda angelo says:

    can we still use the receipts from purchased skates and wheels as our free admission like they have always honored in the past.and if we can how do i use it on the website when trying to get tickets as you only have a number of tickets

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