Roller Skating for Amazing Summer Fun

Parents that enjoyed roller skating at their local indoor skating rink often don’t realize that their kids too might also love this fun activity. These days, kids of all ages can participate in skating by taking advantage of the various skate sessions geared for their particular age group. Young toddlers holding their parent’s hand and teens wanting their own skating space can all find a time to practice their desired skating techniques.


Benefits of Skating for Kids of Every Age


Many parents are concerned about how much time their children spend parked in front of the television or glued to their electronic devices. More parents are looking for healthier pursuits for their kids to enjoy. Kids that know how to roller skate can stay active all year long no matter what the weather is outside. Parents looking for innovative ways to encourage their children to take a break from their sedentary electronic devices and do something active can take their kids skating instead.


Reasons Why Skating is Still a Favorite Indoor Activity


Skating is again becoming a popular activity both for kids and older adults. All ages can learn how to skate with rollerblades or skates in an indoor rink that is kept air conditioned for super summertime fun and warmer during the brutal cold winter months. Roller Kingdom remains a favorite destination for teens to hang out after school and on weekends. Parents too can have summer fun either skating with their families or meeting up with friends.


Why a Skating Party is Becoming a Top Kid’s Birthday Party Location


Busy parents often become overwhelmed when their kids birthdays approach. Instead of spending a ridiculous amount of time and money finding the perfect birthday party venue and decorations, parents can simply book their upcoming child’s birthday party conveniently at Roller Kingdom. Simply reserve a time slot, opt in or out for yummy party food choices, add any desired extra party selections like laser tag, group skating lessons, various skate games and even special music requests. The convenience, low price, large or small group options and the no-need-to-cleanup after party realization has many parents planning their children’s birthday celebrations at the air conditioned skating rink.


Skate purchase and rentals are also available. Contract us to learn more about amazing indoor skating summer fun.

Here’s A REAL SHOCKER About Roller Skating. Kids Love It And It’s Amazing For Summer Fun!

Lots of parents remember loving to skate when they were young. Today, this indoor pursuit is still drawing many excited children throughout the year. While skating in air conditioned comfort makes this activity an amazing summertime fun adventure, parents realize that roller skating is something that their kids can enjoy doing during the school months as well. Finding something that both parents and kids agree on is rare. Parents can even sign their kids up for enlightening skating lessons available right at their local skating rink.


An Easy Way to Motivate Your Kids to Move


Lots of parents despair that their kids are not getting enough active exercise in this age of electronic and high tech devices. It is not unusual for kids to plop in front of the television screens to passively watch various programs. Getting your children to unplug from their devices often is met with grumbling and unhappy faces. An easy way to motivate your kids to get up and move is to simply take them to roller skate.


At What Age Can I Take My Child Skating?


Kids of all ages take to skating every year. Typically, younger children in elementary school are terrific candidates to learn how to skate. Even preschool aged children can learn some skating basics if they are carefully supervised and helped by an older teen or parent. It is never too late to learn how to roller skate. Older teens and even grandparents are discovering the joys of skating to their favorite style of music. Parents can find out if their local skating rink offers skating lessons. This is one activity that the whole family can enjoy.


What Style of Skate Is Best for Kids?


Skates come in a wide variety of designs and sizes. Before purchasing a pair of skates, talk with someone with experience in picking the right skates. Many parents opt to rent skates offered at the skating rink rather than buying an expensive pair. It is important to have the child’s foot accurately measured for a better fit. Most younger children do well with traditional roller skate designs. Older kids and teens often prefer to use inline skate styles.
Enthrall your kids with a shocking new summer activity that is affordable and requires little parental effort. Contract us to discover more about summertime roller skate opportunities.

Roller Skating

Are you looking for fun things to do with your family and friends? Come visit Roller Kingdom, the place to roller skate. With two locations in Massachusetts, your family and friends are sure to have a great time.


Birthday Parties


Roller Kingdom is best place to host birthday parties for kids and adults of all ages. Your family will have a great time skating, eating cake, laughing, and having fun. And with the new Prize Cube, the birthday boy or girl has a chance to win tickets that are good for food at the snack bar, free skating passes, or even a new pair of skates, making your loved one’s birthday celebration better than ever.


Adult Nights


Do you need a night of fun away from your kids? Are you looking for a place to have an enjoyable girls’ night out? Come to the next adult skate night! Check out our schedule to see the next one. The music is supplied by DJ Pharoah. He pumps it up with all the top jams from back in the day and some current ones. He was the DJ for Recycled Percussion and has even been on America’s Got Talent!




Do you need an exciting way to get more exercise in your life? Throw out that treadmill and skate your way to health. You don’t need to pay for costly gym memberships. Skating has been shown to have the same health benefits as jogging and is good for cardiovascular health. Is also works out all your body’s muscles and is a great way burn calories and strengthen your body.


Whether you’re looking for a place to roller skate, host birthday parties, have fun things to do, or get a great workout, etc. come to Roller Kingdom. You’ll have an excellent time.

Halloween Party

Halloween should be filled with candy, costumes, and a few spine tingling scares. At Roller Kingdom, we’re hosting an exciting Halloween party for skating lovers looking for an exciting night out. You’re cordially invited to celebrate the most fiendish of holidays at one of our Massachusetts locations.


Come in Costume


Halloween is nothing without a good costume. At Roller Kingdom, we want to see you decked out in style. If you show up in costume, you’ll get free candy and a chance to win our costume contest. Three people with the best costumes will win free skates, a free year of admission, or both. If you want to win, start brainstorming now. Not feeling like dressing up? No problem.


Halloween Games


When you come to Roller Kingdom for a Halloween celebration, expect more than costumes and a fright-filled playlist. We’ll also have a number of fun party games. If you have an eye for size, make sure to play our Guess the Weight of the Pumpkin game, where contestants have to guess the poundage of an oversized pumpkin. Anyone with a sweet tooth should swing by the Munchkin Eating Contest. Show off your eating skills by downing as many mini-donuts as you can. We’ll have a ton of other fun things to do as well, so make sure to come to one of our two locations on October 29!


Burn Off Those Candy Calories


Eating candy may be the most beloved Halloween pastime. After you’ve eaten a few too many mini-size chocolate bars, hit the rink for some calorie burning exercise. Skating gets the blood pumping, which means it’s great cardiovascular exercise. It also helps you burn calories fast; adults can expect to burn about 300 to 600 calories in an hour, depending on height, weight, and gender. It’s a great mood booster, it improves balance, and it builds strength in the arms and legs. Our roller skate Halloween party is the perfect way to jumpstart your post-Halloween diet.


Roller Kingdom


At Roller Kingdom, we love hosting parties of all types. Our Halloween party is being held at both locations on Sunday, October 29. It will run for four fun-filled hours: from 1pm to 5pm. We also host birthday parties, private parties, and have a monthly adult night. Our rinks are fun for people of all ages!

Awesome Birthday Parties

If you’re looking for the perfect venue for an upcoming birthday party, consider a roller skate rink! Rinks are a fun, active place to celebrate a birthday. Here are just a few of the benefits to hosting a skating party at Roller Kingdom.

Ditch the Clean Up

When you host a party at your home, you’re left cleaning up piles of party hats, paper plates, and birthday décor. Instead of resigning yourself to hours worth of cleanup, host your party at a skating rink. Rinks help parents prepare the party and assist with cleanup afterwards, giving adults time to enjoy the party themselves. Many parents even lace up a pair of skates and hit the rink!



If you’ve attended kids’ birthday parties before, you know that eating cake and playing party games leaves them full of energy. Roller skate parties give them a chance to channel that energy into a fun-filled athletic activity. They’ll love skating around the rink to their favorite music, and they’ll get some healthy exercise too! It’s a win-win situation.



We off different party packages ensuring that every customer can achieve the perfect party. Regardless of the size or scope of your party, you’ll be able to find a birthday package that suits your needs and budget. Instead of spending top dollar on birthday entertainment, decorations, etc, choose an exciting and affordable skating party.


Party Games

The party games played at standard parties are certainly fun, but a skating rink race beats a piñata every time. There are plenty of fun things to do at skating rinks, ranging from karaoke to Hokey Pokey.

February Vacation

Roller Kingdom is eagerly anticipating the Winter Vacation or February Break with special skating sessions. Read on for the details you need to know at each location!

Hudson Winter Vacation Skate

  • February VacationWe’ll be open from 1-5pm Monday-Friday February 20-24
  • Admission is $9
  • Skate rental is $1
  • Parents are admitted for free
  • Skate rental is $3 for parents
  • In addition to roller skating, don’t forget to check out our laser tag, arcade, snack bar, and karaoke!




Tyngsboro Winter Vacation Skate

Mass Vacation

  • We’ll be open from 1-5pm Monday-Thursday Additional HoursFebruary 20-23 (Mass Vacation)
  • Friday the 24th additional hours are 1-6:30pm
  • No 4-6:30 on Fridays during vacation week
  • Admission is $9
  • Skate Rental is $1
  • Parents are admitted for free
  • Skate rental is $3 for parents

NH Vacation

  • We’ll be open from 1-5pm Monday, Wednesday February 2/27 and 3/1
  • Friday 3/3 additional hours are 1-6:30pm
  • No 4-6:30 on Fridays during vacation week
  • Admission is $9
  • Skate Rental is $1
  • Parents are admitted for free

As we strive to put those long winter days and cold temperatures behind us, we think getting out and getting active is the key to having fun over February Vacation. With school out in Tyngsboro and Hudson, we’re opening our doors for some extra fun!

Saturday Mornings Fun

As the cold weather starts to creep in, indoor activities are a great way to keep your kids active as well as a great family time.

At Roller Kingdom we offer an awesome morning session that is great for beginner skaters, starting November 5th from 10am to noon. $6 Admission includes skates.

Helpful Information When Teaching a Young One to Skate:

  • We offer training wheel skates.
  • ez-roll-youth-rental-size-adjustable-rink-skatesWe have an area in the middle of our skating rink floor for beginners.
  • Parents may wear shoes in the middle to assist in helping their child balance by holding their hand.
  • Parents may also want to skate behind their child, holding them under the armpits to support them.
  • Private lessons are available.


Roller skating is one of the most fun things to do in Tyngsboro and Hudson, MA during the cold weather.

Don’t forget to check out our amazing discounted Birthday Party packages for Saturday mornings.

Halloween Costume Party

Have plans for Halloween yet? Now you do. The spookiest time of the year is almost here and we’re calling all ghosts, goblins, and ghouls for a spooktacular Halloween party at Roller Kingdom. Costumes are optional, but we encourage you to wear your scariest, funniest, and silliest costumes because you could be the next winner of our annual Halloween costume contest!!!


  • 1st Prize-One year of free admission to all skating sessions and a choice of skates (up to $300 value)
  • 2nd Prize-One year of free admission to all skating sessionsoct-30
  • 3rd Prize-Choice of roller skates (up to $150 value)

Games and other contests

  • Munchkin eating contest
  • Candy Corn guessing game
  • Pumpkin weight guessing contest
  • And much more

We can’t wait to see the creative and unique costumes that our skaters come up with as they join us for our annual Halloween Party at Roller Kingdom!

Beginners Guide to roller skating wheels

Wheel hardness is one of the most important attributes of a roller skate wheel. The hardness or softness of a wheel determines how you should best use that wheel and what surfaces you should skate on with that wheel.

Wheel hardness is determined by an A scale rating.  The lower the number, the softer the wheel. The higher the number, the harder the wheel.

  • Indoor wheels are firmer (higher numbers) and roll more easily than outdoor wheels.  Indoor wheels glide quickly over smooth, hard ground, but they are liable to slipping and sliding over rough or irregular terrain.
  • Outdoor wheels are softer (lower numbers) and roll well in unfriendly environments like surfaces with small pebbles and bumpy outdoor surfaces. When skating outdoors you should try to use a wheel with a hardness of 88A or less.

And don’t forget that if you need help picking your next pair of wheels, we’ll be more than happy to help you at Roller Kingdom!

Safe Skating Tips For National Safety Month!

Whether it be quad or inline skates, indoor or outdoor, safety is ALWAYS important when it comes to roller-skating. Sometimes kids look for an excuse not to wear safety gear, whether it be it’s uncomfortable or just “not cool.” June is National Safety Month, and we’re here to give you the best tips and tricks for safe skating!


Always Wear a Proper Helmet

Accidents can and do happen. When roller-skating, your head needs protection in case of a fall. That means wearing the correct helmet, because not all helmets offer the same amount of protection. Investing in a quality helmet that fits your children correctly while also offering adequate protection and impact absorption is suggested.

Fitness Helmet — Does not always adequately protect from high impact collisions. It also no longer protects after a single collision.

Multi-Sport Helmet — Offers better all around impact protection and is effective for more than one collision.

Skate Helmets — Offers adequate protection during skating but may not protect during other activities like biking or boarding.

You may be able to counter the children’s resistance to wearing their helmet by picking out one in their favorite color, or creating a fun project of customizing their gear with stickers, graphics, etc.

Always Wear Knee Pads and Elbow Pads

No scrapes and bruises here! Sometimes these can get a little bulky, but you’ll have some peace of mind and your child will help their joints by wearing this extra protective gear.

Pick the Right Skates

If skates do not fit properly, it could very well lead to accidents and injuries. They should be comfortable, yet sturdy. They should also offer proper ankle support. To make sure a pair of skates offers enough ankle support, feel the plastic boot around the ankle. If it squeezes, there is not enough support and the material is not strong enough. Find some of the best skates here.

Consider Other Protective Gear

While most adults and children know that a helmet and pads are necessary for safe skating, skaters may want to add extra layers of protection. That means wearing long sleeves and long pants instead of shorts to prevent injury to elbows and knees in case of a fall.